This page is to help all new Claimants, and lists the information that we require so that we can proceed with  your Claim.

We request that all Claimants claim for their Rights through our Secretary


At the bottom of this page is a form that you need to download and send to our Secretary with the other paperwork required.


Enrolements will take place twice a year, due to the Mayor's busy schedule, usually March and September.


If however you are travelling a great distance and cannot make these dates, we may at the Mayor's discretion, arrange an alternative date.



If you fail to turn up on the date of your admission you will forfeit your application fee and  will need to reapply for admission. 

Once the Secretary has received your paperwork, he will check the information against the  Documents we hold.

Please photocopy the paperwork required below and then send the copies to our Secretary ( address below ): 


  1.  Your Birth Certificate - This is prove that you are aged 21 years or older

  2. Your Parents Marriage Certifcate 

  3. Your Marriage Certificate (If applicable)

  4. Adoption certificate (If applicable)

  5. Cheque made payable to 'GLOUCESTER CITY FREEMEN' for £30.00

  6. Enrolment Form 



Please answer all questions on our Enrolment Form and any that do not apply to you please enter N / A




Our Secretary's address is:


Mr Andrew Croose

Honorary Secretary

Chartered Freemen and Women of the City of Gloucester,

41Granville Street,




Please address envelope as above, with ENROLMENT PAPERWORK in the top left hand corner.


 All information that you provide will only be used by the General Committee of the Chartered Freemen and Women of the City of Gloucester and no other third party.



Claimant Form - Freeman.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [83.0 KB]


We have just recieved confirmation that we have been allocated seats at the cathedral for the forthcoming Remembrance service, on Nov 10th, they will be allocated on a first come first basis.

If interested in attending please contact the President.


Fellow Freeman,

Our AGM was onThursday 12th September at 7pm.


please note the Password for the locked pages on the website has changed.



 All payment for the Annual Dinner should now be paid, the cut off date was Saturday 7th September. 










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