This is our Oath





You shall swear that you shall be a true Liegeman and true Faith and true bear unto our Sovereign Lady the Queens Majesty, her Heirs and Lawful Successors and to your power shall aid and assist the Mayor, Sheriff and the Council of this City of GLOUCESTER for and concerning such things as they, or any of them shall Lawfully and reasonably will and command you to do. You shall well and truly observe, perform, fulfil and keep such Orders and Rules as are and shall be made and established by the Council of this City for the good Government thereof in all things appertaining.


You shall be chargeable too. And you shall not, by Colour of your Freedom bear out or cover under you any Foreign person or stranger or their Goods and Chattels, but according to the best of your Skill, Wit, Cunning and Power you shall uphold and maintain all the Liberties, Franchises good Custom, Order and Usages of this City and Corporation.


                                                                                SO HELP YOU GOD




We have just recieved confirmation that we have been allocated seats at the cathedral for the forthcoming Remembrance service, on Nov 10th, they will be allocated on a first come first basis.

If interested in attending please contact the President.


Fellow Freeman,

Our AGM was onThursday 12th September at 7pm.


please note the Password for the locked pages on the website has changed.



 All payment for the Annual Dinner should now be paid, the cut off date was Saturday 7th September. 










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